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Where health becomes a lifestyle

not a weight loss programme

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To keep the body in good health is a duty,
otherwise we shall not be able to keep our
mind strong and clear

– Gautam Buddha


You need to be fit for life.

Coming to our facility is like eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. A destination to complete health sprawling over 7000 sq.ft. in the heart of a business district of Lower Parel. Catering to the urban Rambo - fighting the war called life. Train,travel,demanding jobs,family responsibilities, etc., can be debilitating

We do not have the Luxury of Falling Sick!


Gym| Spa| Training Area| Physiotherapy| Football Turf| Kick-Boxing
Thera believes in being healthy and eating right. Our trainers help our clients achieve their goals through personalized work out schedules that is created for them
Our spa has a variety of therapies from aroma massages to sports massages. Massages helps one in many ways, provides relaxation from the stressful lifestyles, improves circulation and skin toning,it also helps aid weight loss and relives pain caused by injuries.
For those who like train within their own comfort zone and convenience. We've our dedicated personal training area. Supervisor/trainer can be availed at request / availibility.
Our Physiotherapy team 'Heal with Thera' work with patients for Rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, and Sports Science
Our 5 aside football area with European turf from Belgium on terrace has a fantastic view overlooking the city.
Kickboxing with Arjun Kohli one of the best Muay Thai Coach and Kickboxing Coaches in Mumbai. Kickboxing especially helps those who would like to lose weight and improve their core conditioning and strength. Training in Kick Boxing imparts aerobic and anaerobic benefits and gets your heart racing right from warm up!

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